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one of the things I wanted to work on was having something of interest/usefulness to post, even when I don’t have the information for my to-do list ready; as such I’d like to share excerpts from what I have read/are reading with you and hope you similarly find them useful to chew on.

One of the books I am most excited to have found (in a used book store of course) is Thomas Moore’s “The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life”.  While it doesn’t relate *directly* to my own work, the ideas presented within it are something I believe in deeply but always struggle to articulate:  the importance of believing in the everyday enchantment in our lives and taking in this wonder whenever and wherever possible.  Moore argues for this necessity in the very beginning of the book and his own problems with articulation [emphasis mine]:

On almost every page of this book I feel as though I have to defend the absurdity of what I’m writing, because the particulars of enchantment are simple in comparison to the complexities of modern life, and because the principles of enchantment are so directly opposed to those of modernism.  Enchantment is tinged with play and eros, for example, elements that are suspect in a culture of extreme ambition, and it always implies an escape from logic, one of the prized tools in a society bent on understanding.  Still, I keep in mind the enigmatic and yet oddly noble words of the early Christian theologian Tertullian:  “I believe because it is absurd.”  Enchantment is often colored by at least soft hues of absurdity, which is only a sign of its saving distance from excessive rationality.

One particularly relevant section, though, is about the inherent magic of books and calligraphy (which I’m sure to quote from again), but for now I’ll give you this:

Many years ago I bought a manual of home bookbinding, purchased some red leather, and stitched together and covered a large book of empty pages for writing my dreams.  I’ve never looked at a book in the same way since that little project.  Knowing a book from the inside and being its maker was an initiation for me into a dimension of books that I would never find in any other way.  It was another means of discovering personally that a book is an object full of mysteries and its making the work of magic.

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