a li’l introduction and some big thank yous!

Before we begin, I’d like to spend a little time introducing ourselves in a non-book-arts context, for those who aren’t stalking us on facebook. ;) (Though if you really want to get academic, you can read my statement and such here.)

This is us, two li’l punk kids that we are (somewhat sunburnt!):

You may or may not know me in real life, as it were, but just in case: Hi! I’m April Hannah Llewellyn, and I’m obviously very excited to start this trip — it’s been in planning for over a year now (I might have a tendency to overplan, though…).
I’m a generally enthusiastic gal, but even I can get overwhelmed sometimes, so getting this going is the best part. :) I am most looking forward to meeting people. I am least looking forward to changing beds every night! (I love sleeping… :D ) When I’m not sharing or learning about arts, crafts, and activism, I’m interested in MarioKart, origami paper cranes, sappy movies, and poorly attempting to grow plants.

Matt’s not a “book arts” person, but he likes books, and art, and the combination thereof. :) He’s tried his hand at papermaking and some printing and enjoyed it, and of course he’s interested in the trip itself.
He’d like to add a few words, too:

Hi, I’m Matt. I’m terrible at writing about myself, so I’ll just rattle off a series of things I’m interested in. Skateboarding, fantasy novels (lord of the rings, dungeons & dragons), larping/boffing. I’m an avid cyclist, and have never owned a car. I bike ^6 miles to work most mornings the weather permits. I’ve lived in chic ago on and off for the last 7 years and, I consider it my home even though I’m originally from a small town Michigan. I prefer big cities to small towns, I prefer the alleyway to the forest, and the underside of a bridge to the rivers and streams. I like meeting people in person, in small groups I’m more well received. The end.

Together, Matt and I both love: Star Wars AND Star Trek, metal and electronic music, Renn faire stuff, craft beer, and public art.

now that that’s done!

on to the thanking!

I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to our journey so far (in order of appearance!):
Starr Weems-de Graffenreid
Jennifer Leech
Sue Hawks
James Reed
Marcia Preston
Ann Silverman
Diane Waite
Mimi Schaer
Carl Blaksley
Geneva Llewellyn (hi Mom!)
Jason Bingham
Emily Marie Scheider
Nichole Smith
Penelope Thrasher
Jill Johnson
Dan Nelson
Kimberly Hart
Brandon Robinson
Frank Looney
Rachel Lackey
Kaitlin Kostus

seriously, I have no idea how I’d do it without y’all!

let’s get on this!


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