Hello! My name is April aka april h l.

I grew up crafting & creating just outside of the geek haven of Huntsville, AL.  Then as now, I’ll dabble in any creative medium that caught my eye: illustrating, painting, sewing, jewelry making, printing, and more.  Much of my pursuits explore craft and DIY culture: an alternative to mass-market consumption, a tie to feminism and community-building, and the blurry boundaries between art and craft.

My next step was pursuing a BA in art from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where I became involved in Huntsville’s local arts community.  In 2009 I moved to Chicago to study Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College, where I wrote and illustrated a book about gifting in creative communities as part of my MFA thesis.

Currently, I am most inspired by the magic of the natural world and by Chicago’s DIY arts scene — in particular, building consent culture in and out of the burning man community.

I am thankful to share this life long love of making with you.

best wishes,