In the summer of 2011, I spent five weeks on the road visiting book and paper art centers and community art centers to spend time with directors, artists, craftspeople, and other interested parties. I talked with participants about their thoughts on how centers function in building relationships to the community and the various ways that art making and community go hand in hand. A secondary component of this trip was couchsurfing—staying with and relying on the hospitality of others for our resting place as a way to experience the impact of gifting more directly. This was the beginning part of my research for my Labors of Love MFA thesis project.

I started with an interview with Steve Woodall, the director of my local bookarts center, the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College.

Once I got on the road, my travel route was:

June 29th: Chicago, IL to Grand Rapids, MI

July 1st: Saugatuck, MI: Ox Bow open studios, then back to Grand Rapids

July 5th: Ann Arbor, MI: Hollander’s,

and then to Detroit, MI & lots of places and people: community gardens, the Heidelberg project, Dabl’s African Beads and Theatre Bizarre, Lynne Avadenka and Francine Levine.

July 7th: Cleveland, OH: The Morgan Conservatory

July 8th/9th: Rochester, NY: Genesee Center for the Arts (with a stop over to Niagara Falls!)

July 10th: Aurora, NY: Well College Book Arts Center Summer Intensive

July 11th: Treadwell, NY: Bright Hill Press and Literary Center

July 12th: Rosendale, NY: Women’s Studio Workshop

July 13th: Montgomery, NY: Pergamena), then a visit to Salem, NY & Ed Hutchins

July 14th: Salem, NY to Northampton, MA: Steve Daiber/Red Trillium Press, then to Boston, MA

July 15th: Boston, MA: Julie Shaw Lutts (hostess/book artist!) and the Boston Paper Collective

July 16th: New York City, NY: Dieu Donne, Mimi Schaer, The Center for Book Arts, and other fabulous places!

July 19th: Princeton, NJ: Judy Tobie

July 20th: Philadelphia, PA: University of the Arts/Philadelphia Center for the Book

July 21st: Silver Springs, MD: Pyramid Atlantic

July 22nd: Washington D.C.

July 23rd: Roanoke, VA (with a big thanks to Erin and Jenny)

July 24th: Asheville, NC: Oakmother’s Papers of Intent and Asheville Book Works

July 26th: Blue Ridge Mountains: Penland

July 27th: Atlanta, GA: My grandparents and the Georgia Tech Paper Museum

July 28th: Gordo and Tuscaloosa, AL: Glenn House and the University of Alabama Book Arts program

July 29th: Huntsville, AL: my hometown and Green Pea Press

July 31st: back to Chicago, IL

I was successful in fundraising the costs of travel (gas + oil changes) for this trip, so thank you everyone!

this sort of journey isn’t possible without people like you.

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